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Sony Ericsson Xperia Product Launch

  • Neon Projects was approached by Encoder Public Relations to work together in creating the launch for the new Sony Ericsson Xperia arc, PLAY and neo smartphones.
  • We were to design, create and manage the look and feel of creating a new world, where guests could lead a “life less ordinary”, from initial contact right through to the actual event.


  • To create a whole new world called “Xperia” where guests will feel like they have been transported into another world. The lands of this world represented the 3 phones that was being launch - Xperia arc, Xperia PLAY and Xperia neo.
  • As part of the initial contact to guests a ‘Save the Date’ was sent out. We created a personalised boarding pass to Xperia to act as a teaser. Without giving too much away it was important kick start the experience via the guests first touch-point with Xperia (a new and exclusive world).
  • Each guest received their formal invitation - a passport for Xperia citizens. Immigration style stamps provided subtle branding opportunity while keeping within the overall theme - classy, premium and mysterious.
  • Guests entered into Xperia via a portal, this was created with black draping and creative lighting. Each land was unique in the guest’s experiences and communicated the key messaging of each phone.
  • Xperia arc - This space showcased the main features of the phone in the form of modern art gallery “Today’s arc Gallery”. Showcasing how far mobile entertainment has come. With a sleek plasma cut-out set and red carpet entrance, the arc phones were displayed on elegant mirrored plinths.
  • Xperia PLAY - We created a modern train station set, cool lighting and futuristic train station announcements where the everyday smart phone could take you on an escape into the gaming world - a world where Slash and Ezio would be sitting right next to you on the platform.
  • Xperia neo - In this space we immersed the guests into a full moon party, with low lighting, sand flooring, a full moon over the water, the sounds of the ocean lapping the beach and…. glow paint! Guests were invited to paint messages on the black set then test the quality of the neo’s camera against their own phone in the low light conditions.


  • Operators and Commercial Partners (reps from Telstra, Optus, Google, EA Games)
  • Media - Lifestyle and Tech Media
  • VIP Special Guests
  • Consumers – Competition Winners
  • Sony Ericsson Employees

"I wanted to say again how happy we (and Sony Ericsson) were with everything last night. You’ve been such a pleasure to work with throughout the entire process and we’ll definitely be recommending you to all of our colleagues. Also, thank you for your patience over the past month!"

Carrie Graham
Senior Associate
Encoder Public Relations

"I am sure all of you will agree that last night’s Xperia event was fabulous!  Impeccably organized, great venue, strong turnout and a great time for all of our guests. A big congratulations to all involved in putting the great evening together”

Brendan Johnston
Sony Ericsson Oceania’s Managing Director